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My child has developed a fever

My child has developed a fever, but I don’t see any other significant symptoms yet.

If your child is >90 days old and does not have any complicating medical conditions (metabolic disorder, immune system disorder, etc.), it is okay to not treat the fever and just monitor. If your child is feeling poorly with the fever, Tylenol OR ibuprofen may be given to bring the fever down and help your child feel better. Never put your child in a cool bath or sponge with alcohol to treat fever. If your child has a fever >102.5, call our office to speak with a nurse who will review your child's symptoms and see if evaluation in the office is necessary If fever is > or = 105.0, call us promptly, and we will help you get the fever down and determine whether your child needs to be seen before morning. If your child is <90 days old and has a temperature of > or = 100.4 rectally, call us immediately, and do not give any medication.