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April 26, 2021

We have received a small shipment of Covid-19 Vaccine!  We received the Moderna vaccine so we are able to schedule some appointments for our patients who are 18 years of age and older. 

We will hold our first Covid-19 vaccine clinic on Friday, April 30th.  We are only scheduling appointments for this date at this time; we will open additional dates as we receive more vaccine.  You must have an appointment to receive the vaccine.

If you are a patient of ours, 18 years or older, and would like to schedule an appointment for Friday, April 30th for the Covid-19 vaccine, please call 859.977.3042 (this is a different number than our main office).  You will be required to show a valid proof of identification and you will need to remain on site for 15 minutes after your injection.  The Moderna vaccine requires two doses so we will schedule both doses when you call. 



As schools begin returning to in-person classes, we wanted to remind everyone that we are still offering Covid testing at our office!  We have the rapid antigen Covid test, which we typically use for patients with symptoms, and return results the same day (offered based on insurance coverage). We continue to offer the PCR Covid test as well. The PCR is more accurate and may be used for patients who do not have symptoms, as well as patients who do have symptoms. An appointment with a physician is required for either test. The physician will discuss which test would be appropriate for your child, when you should receive results, the specimen collection process and several other items. Testing is typically performed at our main office in the rear parking lot Monday through Friday in the mornings. Once the physician gives you an appointment time, you pull into a parking space noted with a traffic cone. Staff will perform the specimen collection with the patient remaining in their vehicle. Please call our office at 859.277.6102 to schedule an appointment if you feel your child needs to be tested for Covid-19.

 We are also able to see your child and fill out the ‘KHSAA Covid-19 Return to Play Form’ if your student athlete has been diagnosed with Covid-19.  Depending on the severity of their illness, we may need to perform an ECG (which we are able to offer in our office). 

Please call our office to schedule an appointment once your child has been released from quarantine by the local health department. 


Give us a call to schedule your child's flu appointment. We offer flu appointments Tuesday through Friday 2-4pm and every Saturday through October 8am to 5pm. Please call to make an appointment. 


During this time, we ask that our patients and families please call this number 859-977-3043 when they arrive to the Main office. Please wait in car until instructed to come in.  When you arrive at the East office  please call 859-977-3051. Thanks for understanding! 



*SUNDAY UPDATE *We wanted to let you know about some changes in our office that will effect Sundays.  We will continue to have a physician in the office for acute illnesses but we will no longer have a nurse available to give advice.  The process of getting in touch with the office on a Sunday will remain the same.  You will call the after-hours number and have us paged.  A front office receptionist will return your call and offer you an appointment.  We do have limited hours on Sundays so please call early if you need an appointment.  Because we have limited hours, we are only able to see acute illnesses which cannot wait.  If you need to speak with a nurse only, we will be able to take your information and a nurse will return your call on Monday.