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My child has started vomiting. What should I do?

If your child does not suffer from any chronic medical illnesses (metabolic disorders, diabetes, etc.), mild stomach viruses can often be handled at home. Stomach viruses will frequently include some diarrhea or fever, in addition to vomiting. For the vomiting child, we recommend giving Pedialyte (This is a rehydrating solution that is much preferable to plain water, Gatorade, juices, sodas, etc. It is readily available at pharmacies, Walmart, Target, and some grocery stores.), starting with 1tsp every 3min and continuing this even if your child continues to vomit. Once your child is starting to keep down the Pedialyte, you may gradually increase the amount you offer. Do not offer any solid foods until your child is tolerating Pedialyte well. If repetitive vomiting persists for more than a few hours or if your child develops signs of dehydration (see below), please call.  Note: If your child is breastfeeding, breastmilk is excellent for upset stomachs, and it is should be given instead of Pedialyte.