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My child has poison ivy. What can I do?

Poison ivy rash is caused by exposure to uroshiol oil from poison ivy, oak, and sumac plants. It is typically a red, bumpy, very itchy rash, sometimes with oozing or small blisters. The most helpful product for poison ivy is probably over-the-counter Zanfel, which is a scrub cream that helps to remove residual uroshiol oil from the poison ivy rash, which allows healing. Zanfel is available at local pharmacies, and it typically costs $35-40 for a tube. Large outbreaks may require more than one tube.

Itching can also sometimes be helped with over-the-counter hydrocortisone 1% cream, applied 2-3x/day for a maximum of 1wk. Cool compresses can help decrease itching as well. Keep in mind that heat exposure (hot bath, etc.) will increase itchiness.