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Is it okay to use sunscreen on my baby?

The most important thing is avoiding sun exposure for baby’s tender skin, as even one blistering sunburn significantly increases a person’s lifetime risk of melanoma. And keep in mind that sunscreen can help avoid sunburn, but the studies remain unclear as to whether sunscreen actually prevents skin cancers. Try to stay in the shade, cover baby’s head with a hat, cover baby’s eyes with sunglasses, and keep arms and legs covered with light cotton clothing. If exposure to the sun is unavoidable, then it is acceptable to use a hypoallergenic sunscreen, even down to 2mo of age. We recommend Neutrogena with Helioplex, at least SPF 50. Try the product on a small area first to be sure there is no reaction. Apply the sunscreen at least 30min before sun exposure to increase effectiveness, and reapply every 2hrs (sooner if swimming). Don’t forget the top of baby’s head and ears. Do not apply to baby’s hands, as these go into the mouth so frequently. Do give baby a bath to wash off the sunscreen after you come back inside.