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Is it okay to use insect repellent on my baby?

Insect repellent can be used as young as 2mo of age, if exposure to insects is unavoidable. We recommend Deep Woods Off, which is available in a spray form or in towelettes. The towelettes are especially helpful for babies and young children, as they allow more direct application and less inhalation of the product. Do not apply the product to the hands, as these so frequently go into the mouth. Avoid the eye and mouth areas. Apply as sparingly as possible, but do apply enough to be effective. Be sure to wash the product off promptly, once exposure is over.

Bear in mind that lower concentrations of DEET than that found in Deep Woods Off are less effective and last only 30min, which is inadequate for most situations. Other “natural” forms of insect repellent are much less effective than DEET, so we do not recommend the more “natural” products for this particular use.