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Wintertime changes for your kids

As we watch the daily temperatures truly reflect wintertime, we should also remember a few things about winter that affect our kids.  One of these is less activity.  We are seeing such an increase in obesity leading to blood pressure problems, sleep disturbance from snoring and deposits of fat in arteries, we need to keep our kids active year round.  I suggest making use of your churches gyms, turn on music and dance, bundle up and take a brisk walk or go to your local schools playground.  If possible have your children take part in sports that can be played indoor, like swimming, basketball, soccer and others.  Join the Y and go 3 times a week or more.

All people tend to eat more in the winter, so make a conscious effort to not make fast food a part of your dinner routine.  Keep fruit and veggies on hand for snacks.  Make your own 100 calorie pack snack bags with little sandwich bags instead of spending lots of dollars on prepackaged ones.

And when it is just too cold to go out, make use of any found time to be together.  Read to your children, if older kids.  Turn off the TV and play board games.  We recently pulled out our 1970’s version of life and had a great time on New Years Day.   There are only two and half months until April and the feel of spring coming.