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By Katrina Hood
December 02, 2013
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As we head in to the Holiday Season, I encourage you to pause and reflect on what it means to be a parent.  I recently read a quote of an unknown author, "The days are long, but the years are fast."  My interpretation of this as a parent (and a Pediatrician) is that we often get bogged down in the daily "stuff" -- laundry, kid transportation, cleaning, doctor visits, etc -- that our days become so long.  I find myself looking forward to bedtime after a full day at the office followed by all the evening chores and kid activities.  But here I am with a child ready to graduate from high school and I can't believe I had roughly 6500 days of "stuff" with her, but only 18 very short years.  I try often, but not often enough, to just watch her as she studies or competes in her sport.  Just watching seems to make the time slow down.   I think this satisfies "the living in the moment mantra" we hear so often these days or the "mindfulness mantra."  Take time to just watch your kids, whether they are 8 months or 18 years, your day may feel more fulfilled and you will experience a richer 18 years knowing you "watched" your child grow up. 


Katrina Hood, MD