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Check Up Season is Here
June 10, 2013
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It is check-up season for pediatricians across America! Summer is filled with few illnesses for us to see but plenty of school and sport physicals to be done. You may ask why we like to see kids for check-ups on a yearly basis. Primarily we like to see children yearly to watch for trends of unhealthy behaviors. With 40% of kids being overweight, seeing them yearly allows us to track their progress and begin to make changes before a child’s weight is hard to manage. We can also counsel parents and children about healthy habits. When we complete a sports physical we also perform a general check up. This general check-up allows us to discuss your child’s health in depth, such as diet, school performance, social activities, sports, etc. School systems require yearly sports physicals to make sure we screen for changes in family history and problems a child may have during his/her sport. Our goal is to do our best to find preventable issues regarding your child’s heart, respiratory system and their overall health.
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Katrina Hood, MD. FAAP
Pediatric & Adolescent Associates