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Almost time to get ready for allergy season

As I sit here pondering another snow day for our kids, I begin to ponder spring and the joys of the next season. Today’s season is colds and flu, and the spring season is allergies and getting back outside for sports and play. For allergy sufferers the season often begins in March and April as the flowers begin to bloom and other pollens and allergens begin to float around. I am always amazed with the yellow pollen coating on my car and outdoor furniture in March and April. If you have ever been next to a pine tree when the wind is blowing you know where some of this pollen is coming from as the cloud of pollen blows away. My point is for those parents of allergy sufferers, this is the time to start thinking about these pollen clouds. Allergy medicines work best before exposure. We recommend starting the long acting antihistamines in March so that our patients are protected before this starts. If you use the allergy nasal steroids, this is also the time to start these meds as well.

So enjoy the dry cold of winter before the moist allergy spring season is upon us.

Katrina Hood, MD. FAAP
Pediatric & Adolescent Associates