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After Hours Calls

(859) 276-2594

At Pediatric & Adolescent Associates, we strive to provide 24 hour access to quality healthcare and medical advice. To assist us, we utilize the nursing Triage Call Center at Central Baptist Hospital (CBH) to handle calls received after our regular business hours. When you contact us at our after hours number, it is the CBH Triage Call Center that responds to your call. If it is an emergency, one of our pediatricians is always available. This is not a free service. Our office pays a fee for each call made by one of our patients.

The CBH Triage Call Center is staffed by qualified pediatric nurses, whose expertise is in urgent care. For that reason, we request that routine questions be directed to our nurses during our regular business hours (8AM - 5PM). If the question or concern is of a non-urgent nature, please contact us the next day as opposed to utilizing the CBH Triage Call Center. Routine questions about feeding patterns, cold symptoms, etc. can be best answered by PAA nurses during regular hours.

Emergency issues or concerns after regular business hours should be directed to the CBH Triage Call Center by calling (859) 276-2594