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Before You Call — FAQ’s

Please review these frequently asked questions that we receive in our after hours phone calls:

My child has an earache. What should I do?

My child has a sore throat. It might be strep. What should I do?

My child is coughing and cannot sleep.

My child has developed a fever, but I don’t see any other significant symptoms yet.

What fever level do I need to call for? Won’t fever cause my child to have a seizure or brain damage? Will my child’s fever just keep going up if I don’t do something? Should I alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen if my child’s fever continues?

My child has a diaper rash.

I’m out of town, and my child is ill. What should I do?

My child has started vomiting. What should I do?

My child has developed diarrhea.

I’m worried my child will get dehydrated. What should I look for?

My child is constipated. What can I do?

I think my baby might need to switch formulas.

My child has developed a rash.

My child has been exposed to (blank)_at daycare. He/she seems okay. What should I do?

What is proper handling and storage of breast milk?

I think my child might have a urinary tract infection (bladder or kidney infection).

One of my children was recently diagnosed with strep throat, and now my other child has developed a sore throat. Can you call in antibiotics?

Can I give my young child this cough/cold medication? The bottle says it can be given down to age 2.

My child had vaccines recently and now is fussy and has a fever.

My child is teething. What should I do?

Can I take medication while breastfeeding?

Oh, no! My child has head lice!

What is the correct dosage for my child for this over-the-counter medication? It says to “contact your physician.”

Is it okay to use sunscreen on my baby?

Is it okay to use insect repellent on my baby?

My child has itchy mosquito bites. What can I do?

My child has poison ivy. What can I do?

Things to know about poison ivy:


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